Support Services

At ABBA, A Women’s Choice, all of our services are free and confidential. We respect your privacy and will not contact anyone regarding the information you share, or results from testing. Here is a list of the many services we offer you at no cost.

Free And Confidential Medical Services:

In order to help you in this difficult time, ABBA offers a variety of medical services. We want you to have the answers you need. Whether it is confirming your pregnancy, making sure you are sexually healthy, or discussing your next steps, we are here for you. Take advantage of our free and confidential services:

Free And Confidential Support Services:

In addition to offering medical services, ABBA offers programs and education. We care about the whole woman, not just your current physical situation. You are important to us and your future matters. We are providing these services to give you the emotional support and encouragement you need. Of course, they are all available at no cost to you. How can we help you?

  • Teen Parenting – TAPP (Teen Accountability Pregnancy & Parenting Program)
  • Parenting Skills – Learn and Earn Program
  • Prenatal Courses and Education
  • Abortion Recovery – Forgiven and Set Free Abortion Recovery Program
  • Sexual Health Classes
  • Single Mother’s Program – MOMCHECK, a mom’s mentor program
  • Parents who are dealing with a difficult prognosis for their baby – Treasured Time Program
  • Anyone seeking a closer relationship with God – Spiritual Exploration Program

If you have questions about any of our services, please call (207-253-5555) or text (207-200-5746) today. If you would like, make an appointment. We would love to sit down and chat with you.