Rebecca’s Story

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“My name is *Rebecca. I am twenty four years old. I have a son who is almost five. I am currently twenty five weeks pregnant with my second boy. I am so thrilled to be a mum again. I never thought I would have any more children after my first boy, but God has other plans for me.

I currently work full time with intellectually disabled adults. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it. I work hard to take care of my children but sometimes we all need some extra help; this is where ABBA, A Women’s Choice comes into my life.

I started going to the Center with my first pregnancy and they’ve been fantastic. I was nervous and scared but ABBA has the resources to help me with parenting.

My Client Advocate that I get to see every week is just like my family. She’s somebody to talk to and just share my feelings with. They are never judgmental. It’s a comfortable environment with the nicest girls I have ever met. I will continue going until I no longer can, but I hope that day doesn’t come. Thank you for everything you do!”

*The client’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.

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