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As you make your decision about how to proceed with an unplanned pregnancy, some of the thoughts going through your mind may be:  I’m not ready to be a Mom!! Or,  What do I know about taking care of a baby?!  These are common concerns for many expectant women.  Thankfully, this is another area where ABBA, A Women’s Choice can help!

ABBA, A Women’s Choice trained client advocates are here to meet with you weekly, at a time convenient for you, to help you navigate a healthy pregnancy and prepare for parenthood.  As with all of ABBA, A Women’s Choice services, these 60 minute appointments are free and confidential.  During your time with a client advocate, you will view up-to-date programming about pregnancy, labor and delivery and/or parenting.  Some of the pregnancy topics offered include: what to expect during each of the trimesters; eating for two; your developing baby; and comfort techniques for labor and delivery.  Parenting classes cover subjects such as:  infant hygiene; bonding with your newborn; infant nutrition; and learning through play.  Most programs also include information that you can take home to further your pregnancy and parenting knowledge.  In addition to watching a video, your appointment will allow plenty of time to ask questions and discuss whatever’s on your mind with your client advocate.  While the programming can make a big difference in helping you feel more confident in your parenting skills, most clients also appreciate just having access to an experienced and empathetic listening ear to talk over their questions and concerns.

Because we know your time is valuable and your resources may be limited, every time you come to ABBA, A Women’s Choice for a parenting class you will earn 25 points that you can use to “purchase” items from our baby boutique. Each 25 points you earn entitles you to choose 3 items from the boutique, or you can save your points for a gift certificate to purchase larger items such as cribs or strollers. The boutique offers a large selection of new baby clothing, blankets, diapers and other needed supplies.

Those clients who have come consistently to parenting classes will also receive a free pack of diapers,  a free baby layette after their child is born.  And, the good news is, you can continue to come to ABBA, A Women’s Choice for weekly classes for a year or more after your child is born, gaining more knowledge on such topics as understanding newborns; your baby can sleep; and first year milestones. As your child grows, your points at the baby boutique will continue to accumulate.

Embarking on the journey of pregnancy and parenthood can seem daunting. But resources are available and ABBA, A Women’s Choice is here to come alongside you and help you to take good care of yourself and your baby.  Call today and make an appointment or visit the schedule a visit page and choose a time that’s best for you! Book Your Appointment

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