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In One Client’s Own Words
“I Don’t Think Thank You Is Enough”

I would like to start off by thanking each and every one of you for keeping ABBA, A Women’s Choice alive and thriving. ABBA has been a place of comfort, support, and a help in guiding me on my journey to an amazing life… your generosity has helped me and so many other women!

When I first heard about ABBA I was pregnant, with no place to call home. I was scared because I felt hopeless…how can I bring my child into a world when I had nothing or how was I going to be a good parent, would my relationship last? All these thoughts ran through my head and scared me. But ABBA, the women at ABBA, opened their arms, took the time and effort to teach me in things I really didn’t know or understand completely… how to be a good parent, techniques on how to take care of my child properly and how to have a great relationship with my partner so my child could grow up in a stable environment with two parents not just one.

ABBA has also helped me in understanding Christ better. There’s so much more than I was told or taught and when I came to ABBA they gave me the choice. DO I want to learn more about our Savior? The best part about ABBA is they never forced anything on me they let the decision lay in my hands but gave me options and choices which made it a lot easier.

Today I have my home, which is my family, I have a wonderful partner who has also been there for me, we have a wonderful son that God has blessed us with and thanks to all your support I have taken all the tools given to me by ABBA and applied them to my life and I couldn’t be happier! I’m a great mother thanks in part to the work of ABBA!

I don’t think thank you is enough but it’s all I have “Thank you so much!”

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